Town of track and milk    


后来奇怪的洋葱头人找了铁皮火车,然后住在里面。 之后每天都会有棉花糖云飘过来,然后会把牛奶下下来。洋葱头人修建了轨道去搬运牛奶。但是有一天飘来一朵黑色的云,棉花糖云就失控了,开始不停的下牛奶。牛奶开始慢慢淹没了铁皮火车。



Town of track and milk
Why clouds are white?Because someone said it is created by cotton candy. That would definitely be good testy.
Why clouds rain but cotton candy does not? Because milk inside it!
Where does the Town of track come from?
Watching running train is my favorite thing.
One day, Mother bought a toy tin train. But I broke it since I played it all the time. And it finally disappeared when I moved house.

After this, the Onion people found it and stayed in it. Then the cotton candy clouds comes each day and supplies the milk to Onion people. So they build the track to carry it.

One day, however, an evil cloud came and made the cotton candy clouds uncontrolled. The milk was rained constantly and the town was flooded.

A Butt man travelled through the town and saw this. He decided to help them and started to detect the reason. They finally realized that it was the Witch. She summoned the evil clouds.
Finally, Butt man came up the top of town and fight against the evil clouds.