The idea of this picture was from my colleague who sang a great song which touching the whole venue in an activity of my company, of course, his charm touched me deeply too.

Here is a link about the original song and my colleague’s photo.
photo of my colleague

Since I went home, I had started thinking about the scene, which is to present such passion and charm that he gave me. I felt that using the abstract way would be more proper. In fact, I have been seeking and trying a sort of new genre. I used to paint something in realism, yet I found some things were restricted, when I want to present certain abstract psychology activities. However, the BBC’s documentary Impressionism makes me thinking why the masterpieces of Picasso, Modigliani are such incomprehensible. After this, I seem to realize something about their painting a bit. Those abstract elements, distorted shapes are likely more proper to present the “inward” rather than using the traditional realism. Therefore, I tried to use this kind of way to create my scene. I felt that I was hit from head to toe by the electricity as my colleague sang. So I did the generator as his hair, and pieces of electric plates grow out constantly. The clothes I added the musical note and stave to connect, just like he was born from music. The metal bars which connect the hand also mean the texture of music.