Deer Knight    

This work was painted in June 2010. I like it very much, so I still think I can show it and share with you here.Its inspiration is from the deer. There was a long time that I had painted a lot of works with the theme of deer. This work is the most satisfied of all.It tells a dreamlike story. In the legend, the deer knight is a heroic cavalier in the ancient war. But he was murdered in a battle and fell into the forest which was under a cliff, it was uncertain to tell he was alive or not. 400 years later, there was a girl who was lost her way in the forest and encountered the large deer which was the deer knight. The girl was not fear, but she looked very curious. She slowly found that the deer knight was both mild and gentle. So they became good friends very soon and played around in the forest. Suddenly, the whole forest was full of beautiful melodies, such as angels came to it.

Finally, hope you like it.