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My name is Wangrui; you can call me Wangray. I come from Zhangzhou province in China, and the city is called Heaven :) (Tiantang). I believe Jesus Christ, and my motto is: To honor God who created beauty and love, and work for him forever.
I engage game art design. You can see my concept design wor, illustrations, art and sketches from 2006 until now . There are different kinds of styles: Cute, realistic, fantasy. Or you can also see the series of designs which is the “Deer” and “Fantasy Helsinki” .
If you like my designs, please share your thoughts and views. And if you would like to commission me for a project, please send me an email at:

Learning English
I have to say that it must be put on the agenda. +_+... Not only is it for the conmmunication with clients more smooth, but also it is for my girlfriend, we are going to get marry in Finland in future~~~^^ ....more

This is my wife’s website. She is also a excellent CGer!
She is good at drawing Japanese-style illustrations.
You can see her paintings and other infomation in her website.click here