New Job
Since I came to Finland, It has been almost 8 months. The time runs fast. To remind the past I could not keep going if I did not have God’s grace. The greatest thing to me so far is my new job in Gameloft. As most foreigners, to get a job in aboard is not easy thing at very beginning time. So did I. I thought I had serious language obstacle that I cannot express my opinion very clearly. So The only thing I could do was to prepare and send my CV to local companies at the beginning. However the endless waiting and failure made me lose my faith and confidence.
Meanwhile I fortunately got a freelance work which drawing the characters illustration. Although things would be tough, which I had to finish them at very short time, the plan of God never away from me. I appreciated that God prepare a such chance to train my character drawing, which I maybe never know the thing I was doing at that time could impact the thing I would meet in future. Another thing I will give thank to my Finnish client who offered me a fulltime freelance, which allowed me to work at his office. Because of my Language obstacle I often fear to talk with other people. However God gave me such chance that I could not only train my language skill but also build confidence and courage when I speak English with other people. After along 8 months preparing and waiting, I finally got the job interview chance from Gameloft. The topic of test they gave me was to paint a character. Thanks God I was more confident that character wouldn’t be the disadvantage to me anymore, and I wouldn’t be panic too much like before either.
Nowadays, I have been in Gameloft couple of weeks, Although there are still have lots of challenge and difficulties, I believe God’s plan is to be continued.:)

June. 2014
Learning English
I have to say that it must be put on the agenda. +_+... Not only is it for the conmmunication with clients more smoothly, but also it is for my wife, I hope we will reunite soon~~~^^
Jan. 2013
Working for PC Game
With the summer coming upon, I met a new opportunity with PC game production. That must be great for me, cause game production always my favorite part.
June. 2012
Working for Film
I got a first freelance for the concept design in 2011.8. This is a story of someone who went into his own dream. Although This was first time for me, and with various challenge and difficulty, i was still got exciting:)
Aug.11. 2011
How to paint the sense of reality?

Recently, I was faced with a bottleneck in the painting. I found I was still not able to render out the true-life effect of image with my brush. That dispirited me for a long time…I tried to research various tutorials of light and color. I was not able to understand it yet, I thought I couldn’t give up so easily because I believed that the difficulty was the beginning toward success.


Aug.1. 2011
Fairytales Re-Imagined Challenge

Full name: CGHUB & Imagine FX Bobby Chiu's Fairytales Re-Imagined 2D & 3D  Art Challenge
Challenge link:click here
I like this process of challenges very much even more than the challenge itself, because re-imagining those classic fairytales was very interesting I feel.
This time I chose the story Rapunzel. Just because the movie of Tangled, it impressed me with the Rapunzel character, so I actually didn’t want to overturn her sweet form which is in my mind. So I almost gave up on this idea to change her form and the background of story. In the end I just changed some conditions to make Rapunzel actually become a fairy riding on an asparagus lettuce in the story…hehe  

This is my work link:click here

July.18. 2011

About tower alley series

This series is my personal project. I just want to try and design an environment from the whole to the minor details. The reason is that I want to get some opportunities to design concepts for third personal shooting games, along the lines of the game Uncharted. So I tried to design a fantasy game environment, and made some concepts for it.
This is link of this series: click here

July.1. 2011

About website

I have completed my basic construction of the website, which is now up and running.

Apr.6 2011